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Wellness and Recovery Action Planning

This service involves bringing awareness to  mental health needs. We are not licensed  to diagnose nor do we interfere in any therapist, psychologist or doctors instruction. We offer coaching and referral services to specific needs. Our services consist of goal planning and   support to self betterment.  That includes but not limited to housing, education, addiction, employment, contact or visit our office for further information on obtaining these services.

Youth Advocacy Against Gun Violence

We are huge advocates for the youth of our community , a majority of our services are through creating opportunities and events that will  bring awareness and opportunities to  them. Providing outlets to difficult  situations that our youth are faced with everyday such as gun violence and gangs.   We also provide Gang Prevention and Intervention  through our specialist Mr. Alexis Paul an ex gang member  . W e also offer peer mediation for our youth where they sign up for a 6 week session with a team member who meets once a week to  listen, inspire and provide safe coping skills . These services also includes their parent(s) encouraging healthy relationships.

Returning Citizens

This service  is  focused on recently released  people who have served time and are trying to get back into society  and live sustainable lives. We help with getting essential documents(birth certificates, State ID, Social Security cards , etc.) housing assistant referrals  and  second chance employment opportunities.  We work with the people who are determined to reduce recidivism .  These services are led by Returning Citizen Service Director Shawn Bridges.

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